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GLRE is a featured event of the Mind's Eye Society.



Visit Made Simple

Well, you got to GLRE safely but once unpacked you realized you were missing something! It could be anything from toiletries, allergy medicine, or enough pairs of socks! Or you took your costume out and saw that you forgot to attach those flowers to your headpiece.

Costco - 5100 28th St SE - 2.0 miles from Crowne Plaza

Need the biggest bottle of vodka or tequila? Good news is you don’t need a membership to buy the booze!

Jo-Ann Fabrics - 3665 28th St SE - 3.0 miles from Crowne Plaza

Need additional fabric or accents for your extravagant costume? Look no further!

Meijer - 5531 28th St SE - 0.4 miles from the Crowne Plaza

Local chain of stores that sell groceries, alcohol, clothes, toiletries, and any of the essentials you may need.

Michaels - 3940 28th St SE - 2.5 miles from Crowne Plaza

Break your crown and need a hot glue gun and some flowers? There’s a Michaels right around the corner!

Rishi’s International Beverages - 3839 28th St SE - 2.5 miles from Crowne Plaza

Your one-stop booze shop. Rishi’s covers it all: hard spirits, craft beer, ciders, meads, and mixers.

Target - 5120 28th St SE - 1.6 miles from Crowne Plaza

For when you need to get the necessities, but stay for the $1 bins.

Wal-Mart - 5859 28th St SE - 0.25 miles from Crowne Plaza

Like Meijer, but probably cheaper and far more corporate.

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