©2019 by GLRE 2019. Photos taken from previous MES conventions.

GLRE is a featured event of the Mind's Eye Society.

2019 GLRE's Charity of Choice is :

One of the leading voices and forces in reproductive healthcare, Planned Parenthood provides a stellar set of services to those most in need. In addition to offering contraception, sex education, and prenatal care, Planned Parenthood also performs wellness exams and cancer screenings. On a national level the organization is also transitioning toward offering comprehensive transgender care.

We'll be offering the following opportunities to support Planned Parenthood and the MES Scholarship Fund:

  • An online pre-auction, open to everyone in the club

  • Daily silent auctions with items tied to the day's events, like a signed hardcover copy of the V20 Dark Ages Anthology, and handmade crafts from MES artists

  • A minigame called doodle wars, where you can 'vote' for competing sects, clans, and tribes with the power of your spare change

  • A fuel booth where you can slake your thirst for Willpower and blood (or Gnosis, or Glamour, or whatever fuel you use - we don't judge)

  • A special 'passport' promotion that rewards you for visiting our silent auction, vendor area, and organization events

  • The live auction on Saturday night, where you can fight each other for our top-billing treats

(Oh, and if y'all donate at least $50 total through the doodle wars game, I, your Charity Lead, will personally show up to the live auction in body paint.)

If you're interested in submitting an item for charity you can either fill out the form here or shoot me an email at charityglre@gmail.com.

Check back here regularly for pictures of the physical items as they come in.

Catch you on the flip side, nerds.

Tobias Gurl

GLRE 2019 Charity Lead

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